Private Sessions

Private Yoga Session (60 min)

There are a number of teachers who offer private yoga sessions here at Balance Yoga. All of them are experienced teachers who will be able to help you meet your specific goals. Some people are hesitant to go to a group class and want to start their yoga practice with a private class. Others have a specific physical or emotional issue that they want to focus on. Either way, a personal one-on-one session might be just the thing you need.

1 hour-$75

Private Group Yoga Classes (75 min)

If you have a group of friends, coworkers etc who are interested in booking a private class with one of our instructors at a time that works well for you, give us a call. We have had a lot of fun teaching to book clubs, runners groups, ski buddies who were lacking snow, 40th birthday parties etc. You can request a specific teacher or let us find the one we think would meet your needs best.

2-10 people $85

11-15 people $130

16-22 people $160

Sound Therapy Sessions

Lynn Clauer also offers private Gong baths and Tibetan Bowl sessions for individuals and groups. These are incredibly relaxing and don’t require any yoga experience. Learn more about sound therapy.


Yoga SparśaTM Structural Integration Sessions 

Jackson Penfield-Cyr offers private sessions of Yoga Sparśa Structural Integration – a neurobiology-based bodywork therapy integrating DermoNeuroModulation, Rolfing® Structural Integration, and the traditional principles of Yoga.

Whether your goal is to relieve pain, resolve trauma, improve posture, and optimize athletic performance, Jackson’s bodywork offers a transformative educational experience of embodiment and empowerment for people of all ages, abilities, and aspirations, usually within the context of Dr. Ida Rolf’s classic series of ten sessions.

Jackson’s practice is informed by the convergent evidence from fields in neuroscience, like pain physiology, polyvagal theory, and clinical neurodynamics, as well as clinical observations in various manual therapies, traditional principles of Yoga, and his own exhaustive self-experimentation.

To learn more and schedule your session, please visit