Community Voices

I can not thank you enough for the community that you have created. It has sustained me through this very challenging Covid year.-Student 

“Yoga was the best thing that happened all week. I can’t truly express my gratitude. Thanks so so much for doing on line classes! “-Emmy 

“The Ashaya yoga class with Joann was very uplifting and left my body feeling strong and limber. She uses several props to help with alignment in the poses. I especially liked using the wall for balance and flexibility. Joann is clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about Ashaya Yoga. I recommend this class to everyone.” – Sarah

Thanks also for your stress- reducing-life-enhancing classes.  I always feel so much better afterwards”.-DeStress Yoga student

“Peaceful. Welcoming. Quiet. I look forward to taking classes here again and again….. Thank you for creating and nurturing a community with yoga.” – Kathleen

“I’ve known Kerry Walker (founder of Balance Yoga) for years, and she is one of the most inclusive, intuitive women I’ve met. I know her more as a massage practitioner (she does massage out of the studio space) and I would literally fly across the country for a massage from her—she will release any tension locked in your muscles and joints, and will leave you feeling restored and, yes, balanced. On the yoga side of things, I highly recommend Balance Yoga for its utter lack of pretense and for its impeccable teaching. This is a studio where all are welcome, whether you’re doing your first downward dog or your millionth one, and where the teaching sets you up for success.” – Rachel

“I always love to visit a class at the studio and the most I love is Lynn’s Gongs and Bowls. I never had an experience like that.” – Sabine

Maggie Mae’s class was “One of the finest Restorative yoga practices that I have experienced in a studio in some time. Un-rushed asanas followed an arc that really flowed and allowed my body to release and be restored. The instructor is clearly skilled and experienced in yoga instruction.” – Melissa H

“Kara is a very intuitive yoga instructor. She is able to create a class where all students are challenged, no matter what their skill level is. I love going to her class because each time is different. She’ll focus on certain areas of the body for part of the class, but in the end my whole body is relaxed and rejuvenated. Thanks to you and all of the instructors at Balance Yoga!” – Sylvie Vidrine

“Beautiful space, great teachers. And you can use your Iphone to book a class (especially easy if you buy a 10 class pass). Thanks!” – Katherine Long

“Fantastic massage!!” – Leah Goldberg

“This is like having a one hour weekend in the middle of the week” – Men’s series participant