Class Descriptions


Balance Yoga in Richmond Vermont


Align and Unwind (Level I/II)

This class is a balance of effort and ease. Students will work to strengthen and lengthen muscles during an alignment oriented asana practice and then unwind with a 20 minute guided relaxation. During the class, students will breathe into tight areas encouraging relaxations while also holding poses to build strength.



Ashaya Yoga® (Level I/II)

Ashaya Yoga blends precise therapeutic alignment with a spiritually uplifting philosophy drawn from Kashmir Shaiva Tantra. This method leaves you feeling strong, confident, peaceful, openhearted, and ready to engage with life wholeheartedly. It is appropriate for students of all levels.


Ashaya Yoga® Therapeutics (Level 1)

Every cell in the body is pre-programmed for healing and joy. Unfortunately, due to unconscious patterns of movement and self-limiting beliefs, we’re not able to fully access this power. In this level 1 class discover your body’s optimal design for radiant health, strategies for healing and preventing common aches and pains using precise therapeutic alignment techniques of Ashaya Yoga®. We’ll address specific areas of dysfunction in the body including sore back, tight hips, sciatica, kyphosis of the upper back, shoulder pain, rotator cuff health, sore knees, stiff neck and more. jCome and enjoy empowering tantric teachings that support healing on all levels-body, mind and heart. 

This class is open to all levels. Enjoy a slower paced class with more detailed attention to how you access the poses of yoga, allowing your body’s optimal design for radiant health.  

Basics and Beginners (Level I)

This class is for beginners and those looking to reconnect with the basics. Basics & Beginners will focus on providing a safe, supportive environment to explore the basics of practicing yoga while building strength and skill. The class will include detailed description for each yoga posture. The focus will be on proper alignment, breathing techniques and the use of props to support your practice.

Community Meditation (Free)


A time of guided meditation led by various members of the Richmond community. Wonderful for helping you refocus and enter your weekend more grounded, resilient and better able

to connect with the people and activities you love. Perfect for beginners or those who have practiced for years.


De-Stress (Level I/II)

This class blends mindful breathing techniques with alignment and body-awareness. Props are encouraged to support the asana practice so that all levels may attend. Students will strengthen and gain flexibility while releasing tension. De-Stress Yoga gives you time to unwind and return to your center of balance. It is a slow, deep practice where particular attention is paid to areas that we typically hold tension, including the neck, shoulders, and hips. Postures are suitable and adaptable for all levels.

Flow I/II (Level I/II)


In these classes, yoga postures are linked together with breath creating a “flow” of postures that lead from one to another. This is a more energetic form of yoga is suited to those with some yoga experience and familiarity with poses.


Food Shelf Yoga (Level I/II)

A gentle all levels class that is great for beginners and experienced yogis who love mindful movement. Lynn Clauer’s classes include a lovely gong savasana (relaxation) with koshi chimes.

$10 and half goes to the food shelf.

Free Friday (Level I/II)

In an effort to make yoga accessible and enjoyed by everyone, we are offering free monthly classes. The instructors at the studio take turns teaching this class and thus the style will vary. All classes however, will be appropriate for students of all abilities. Preregistration is recommended, as space is limited. First Friday of the Month. Come practice with us!

This class occurs on the first Friday of the month.

Gentle Yoga for Body and Soul (Level I)

In today’s fast paced world, it can be very grounding to move slowly and treat yourself to a gently yoga practice. This is an all levels class with focus on stretching, core strengthening, and balance work. Modifications will be offered for poses that are new or challenging for people. Along with building internal strength and confidence through poses, the class will incorporate breathing techniques and systematic relaxation. This is a great way to start your day.


Gentle Yoga with Tibetan Bowls (Level I/II)

This class is for all levels with a focus on postures that center and link movement with breath. Gentle flows, balance postures and core work will be incorporated and options to accommodate students as they build their practice will be provided. The class incorporates Sound with singing bowls played and used during the practice (including over and on the body).   Savasana is a guided relaxation with sound immersion (gongs, bowls, chimes).

Hardcore Hatha (Level II/III)

Do you need more arm balances, inversions, and backbends in your life? Are you ready to explore various pranayama (breathing techniques) and learn more mudras? Well then, Hardcore Hatha is the class for you. This class is tailored toward more experienced practitioners who want to come play with more challenging posses in a safe, fun and supportive environment. Every class is different and promises to make you stronger while helping you to deepen your practice.

Karma Yoga (Level I/II)


This is a donation class. A beautiful opportunity to practice at a reduced rate and join Balance Yoga in giving back to the local community.

All levels welcome.

Cost is: $5 with food donation for the Richmond Food Shelf or $10 without food donation


Lunchtime Yoga (Level I/II)

This all levels class uses slow movements and longer holds to help individuals increase flexibility and strength.Take a break in the middle of the day to do something healthy for your body and mind.

Mindfulness, Movement & Mudra

More than just a yoga class, Mindfulness, Movement and Mudra is a calming, centering and meditative class that includes mindfulness techniques, short meditations and mudras (specific ways to position your hands and fingers to direct your energy). This class is a perfect way to wind down, relax, let go and get back in touch with yourself. Available to all levels. The only thing needed is an open mind.

Morning Flow (Level I/II)

In this morning flow class, we will awaken our breath and our body through asana and pranayama. As we flow from one pose to the next, often holding each to build strength and stability, we will build heat and positive energy. This class is open to all students but will incorporate some challenging poses.

Restorative & Reiki (All Levels)

This class combines the soft and subtle work of a Restorative Yoga practice with the energy shifting modality of Reiki. Reiki is a form of healing touch that encourages stuck energy in the body to shift. Practitioners can set specific intentions for shifts and changes they seek, or choose to be open to receive. Reiki is soft touch that often manifests as a light feeling in the body, though other physical sensation may arise as well. Each person experiences something different from Reiki and students are welcome to opt out of receiving this form of assist in class if they choose. Class is open to all levels of practitioners as the main intention is relaxation.

Stretch Balance and Breath (Level I/II)

This class focuses on lengthening, breathing, and unwinding. Move toward a balance of feeling more grounded and simultaneously lightened up. Integrate your mind, body and breath in this safe, supportive environment. All levels are welcome.

Therapeutic Yoga (Level I/II)

This is a class for all levels and for anyone looking for a good, long stretch, centering and some quiet time for the mind. Class starts with a breathing technique and centering exercise, followed by a gentle warm up leading to a slow flow of postures where you will be guided into the best alignment for your own body and reminded to breathe deeply. Class ends with a brief guided meditation before the final relaxation pose, savasana.

Vinyasa (Level II)

Vinyasa is a flowing, dynamic form of yoga, where postures are linked together with movement sequences. Breath is coordinated with each movement, and over time, the practice is a form of moving meditation. Sun salutations are an integral part of vinyasa classes and help to build internal heat, increase strength, and improve coordination. These classes are vigorous, yet accessible.

Yin Yoga (Level I/II)

Yin Yoga uses gentle, long held postures practiced with an attitude of compassionate acceptance to awaken the more Yin parts of our physical, emotional and spiritual selves. Yin postures have long, deep holds that are aimed at consciously lengthening the body’s connective tissue (focusing on the fascia,tendons and ligaments). Yin Yoga strives to increase circulation and motion in the joints and enhance flexibility. Each posture is held for 3-5 minutes and props are used as students are encouraged to find their edge and mindfully sit with discomfort. By promoting the flow of energy (Qi) through the energy channels (meridians) of our deep Yin core we can help bring health to our bodies and balance to our busy Yang style lives.

Yoga Basics for Men (Level I)

Practice pranayama (breathing techniques) and asana (yoga postures) to help you gain flexibility and strength, improve your

posture and help prevent injuries. Release tension and stress. Learn to more efficiently use and accept your body’s energy on any given day, leaving class with an open, receptive and relaxed state of mind. This class will be taught like a workshop where questions and dialogue about yoga are encouraged.