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Kerry Walker and Kara Wires of Balance Yoga VT in Richmond Vermont
Kerry Walker and Kara Wires of Balance Yoga VT in Richmond Vermont


Kara Wires and Kerry Walker met while in their early 20s at the University of Michigan. They were both studying environmental science and shared a love of the outdoors, and became good friends.  After graduating from college, they drove east together to start new lives in Vermont. Kerry and Kara have continued to deepen their friendship through graduate schools, their respective marriages, careers, children, and much more. Along the way, they each struggled to find balance in their busy lives–, Kara as a forester and Kerry as a science teacher. Each in turn found yoga and discovered the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of this practice.  After many years of personal yoga practice, Kara and Kerry decided to become yoga instructors. In 2014 their dream of opening a yoga studio became a reality.

Our MissionYoga - Heart

Our mission is to provide a supportive space in the community where everyone can experience and explore yoga, meditation and bodywork in order to find balance in their busy lives.
About the studio

Situated in a beautifully renovated farm house on Route 2 in Richmond, Vermont, Balance Yoga offers a wide variety of classes to meet the needs of all members of the community. There is a large, open studio with bamboo floors and lots of light, a small waiting area where you can sit and have a cup of tea, and, most importantly, a terrific group of people to practice with. In addition, there is a massage studio where individuals can experience a different kind of relaxation and healing. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, there is a place for you in our community.


Our Commitment to the Community

Food768x576-2Here at Balance Yoga, we have a strong commitment to our community. First, we believe that the more opportunities there are for people to practice yoga, the higher the likelihood that they will be able to make room for their practice in their daily lives. More people doing yoga means that there will be more healthy, calm and peaceful people in our community. Second, we are committed to doing our part to end hunger in our community. Each week we offer a Karma yoga class at a reduced rate for anyone donating food to our local Food Shelf. To date we have donated over 500 lbs of food. And third, four times a year, a percentage of our profits are donated to a local charity. We know that the better off each person in our community is, the better off we all are. If you know of a charity that you would like us to consider, please email us.